4 Decorating Ideas for Your Virginia Log Home 

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Nothing says cozy rugged comfort like a log cabin in the woods. You want your Virginia Log Home to be less Laura Ingalls Wilder and more luxury swiss chalet. Read below for suggestions on how to tastefully decorate your home in your preferred decorating style while retaining the integrity of a log home design. 


Rustic decor is the most traditional decor style for a log cabin home. This look celebrates nature and focuses on rugged natural beauty with the use of warm earthy colors and sturdy, durable furnishings. Choose oversized pieces and bring in rustic charm by restoring old, worn furniture. Bring the feeling of nature indoors by covering furnishings in leather and using bits of nature as decoration, perhaps a tree branch chandelier. Accentuate the wood’s features such as knots and woodgrain to allow the beauty of the wood’s texture to shine through and create a warm natural look on your walls and floors. The use of nature inspired items such as deer skin rugs and antlers hung on the walls create a charming rustic quality to your decor as does leaving wood beams exposed. Add chunky knit throw blankets and sheep skin for a layer of softness that creates a feeling of warmth in your home. The use of fabrics with woodland inspired prints and paintings of nature and wildlife increase the rustic cabin appeal. In your kitchen, rugged retro appliances, decorating with cast iron and stoneware pieces continue the rustic feel of the home. Use shelves with rough, unfinished edges and stacks of firewood to complete the rustic cabin look.


The modern rustic feel of Scandinavian design is refined and restful. The traditional colors used (such as pale tan, light blue, white and gray) in Scandinavian design bring the wintery feel of Scandinavia into your home. Don’t worry that your home will feel cold, the cool brightness of these colors are warmed up by the use of natural wood materials and warm accent colors such as black, gray-brown, orange and crimson. Add candles, blankets and pillows to provide a further feeling of warmth and comfort. Furnishings in a Scandinavian home tend to be clean lined and modern providing function over form. To give your cabin a more rustic feel make use of cast iron pieces to decorate your home and be sure to add a fireplace or two. Make use of natural materials such as leather on furniture, sheepskin rugs and throws, wicker baskets and even antlers. Floor to ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and allow nature indoors. 


The cozy log cabin aesthetic is all about small intimate spaces, natural materials, soft, comforting furniture and lots of blankets and pillows. This is one time that you will want to stay away from high vaulted ceilings. Wooden floors and exposed beams add a warm quality and help to maintain the small cozy feeling that you are trying to achieve. If your cabin is large, use small groupings of sturdy furniture with plush cushions and pillows to create multiple seating areas. The use of rugs on the floor will help define these areas as well as add texture and warmth. Continue this feeling of warmth and comfort by adding curtains to the windows to keep out the cold and create a cozy cocoon-like feeling. In the kitchen you will once again want to use up-cycled, vintage pieces to give your cabin an old fashioned look and a kitchen table and chairs will add to the quaint and cozy atmosphere you crave. 


In order to create that clean modern look for your log cabin, you will want to introduce contemporary and stylish touches while preserving the look of the cabin interior. Use planking to create a smooth finish on your walls which will provide a cleaner, more streamlined, modern feel. Leave the planks bare if you are going for a modern yet rustic look or paint the walls for a more modern feel. The use of floor to ceiling windows and high cathedral ceilings allows light to flood the space and creates a light airy modern atmosphere to your log home. Continue the modern sleek look with the use of galvanized steel decor on your walls and smooth stone for your fireplace surround. Furniture with clean lines will keep your home feeling modern and light. In the kitchen, the use of high end appliances with a steel finish will complete your home’s seamless, modern look. 

A log home in the woods should feel like a romantic getaway whether you live there full time or only on holiday. Decorating your home in a style that fits your aesthetic while keeping the integrity of a log style home intact will provide a cozy, comfortable space for you and your loved ones. How will you choose to decorate your Virginia Log Home?

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