Log Home Considerations

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Are you considering buying a log home? Log homes have a rich history starting back thousands of years. When starting out, many log homes were built with rough-hewn logs and by stacking them on top of each other and overlapping the corners. These interlocking corners were then set, and weather protected materials such as moss, clay, or another sort of soft material were put into the joints to make the home more resistant to the climate.  We’ve come a long way in the material put into the joints, however, the same layouts persist and those that want to use all-natural material for a more sustainable home can do so with ease.

Cornerstones, More than a Saying

When you say something is the cornerstone of an institution, have you ever wondered where that saying comes from? It means literally the stone at the corner of the building. In log homes, cornerstones are used to assist in setting the foundation of the home so that the damp soil keeps out as well as it allows them a small space for a basement or storage for below the cabin. The bigger the home, the more cornerstones would be added to support the structure.

Modern Log Homes

Log homes are still being built all over the United States and Virginia is full of them! You can either choose from a multitude of pre-built log homes or choose your perfect parcel of land and build your own. Homes kits used to be popular in the early days of America and they are back with Log Home kits. Starting in the fifty-thousand-dollar range, with very basic outdoor structure and the option to either build it yourself with blueprints or have the builder come out and do it for you. You can make your log cabin however you want to though and may want something different.

Log Home Maintenance

Every home requires maintenance from time to time, with log homes it’s not as simple as power washing the siding, there is a little bit more to it. From time to time, you will need to seal your logs back up and also re-stain them to keep the richness of the wood in and the rot out.  There are multiple ways to stop the rot before it damages your home, you just need to be prepared and have a scheduled maintenance plan in effect so nothing is missed. This will be in addition to the seasonal maintenance like landscaping, cleaning out any chimney’s you have, and getting ready for winter.

Loving Log Homes

Log homes are a wonderful choice to live in, especially if you want to have a sustainable house. It can either be located in the country on a farm or in the mountains as a chalet. Where ever you choose to buy or build will be an amazing choice and one that you won’t regret. While there are many things to keep up with a log home, there is maintenance to be done on any home you live in. Nature inside and out is waiting for you, are you ready?





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