5 Tips on Purchasing a Log Home

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  I fell in love with log homes when I moved to Central Virginia. The rustic appearance, smell of pine, and the amazing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains I have seen are breathtaking. A friend of ours had a custom luxury log home built atop of a mountain and it was the most spectacular home I have ever been to. Everything was custom for that family. The views from the picture windows, large pantry, open kitchen, master suite on one side of the log home to the kid’s bedrooms on the other side was amazing. But finding a log home to purchase can be quiet difficult because of how unique these homes are. But it will be easier if you have an agent who knows about log homes and as a buyer, you know exactly what you are looking for. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking at log homes to purchase.

5 Helpful Tips for Buying a Log Home

  1. Narrow your choices down to 3 of your favorite log homes you have found. When it comes to inspection of these homes, it can be pricey because you will want an inspector who specializes in log homes.
  2. Check staining and weatherproofing of logs. Water can cause logs to rot if not weatherproofed. A quick way to test this is splash water on logs and if it beads then weatherproofing is still effective. If water is absorbed into logs then there may be some underlying rotting issues. Ask when the last staining was done, this will give you an idea of upkeep.
  3. Gutters, although not typical for log homes should be clear of debris, in good condition and downspout should be away from home. Gutters are important to keeping water away from logs.
  4. Insects love wood! Make sure to check for infestations. A quick way to check is a cluster of holes in one area with sawdust, white chalky substance or wings near. Common insects that infest wood are carpenter ants, bees, termites and powder post beetles. A large infestation can cause significant damage to the inside of logs. This can lead to weak posts or significant damage not easily seen.log home carpenter bee
  5. Make sure the roof overhangs enough to protect the logs from the weather. Overhangs should be at least 24 in for one story home or 36 inches for 2 story home.

These are just a few important tips from Log Cabin Hub to consider when purchasing a log cabin. Either way purchasing a new home is a very exciting moment! As a buyer do your research of what you want in a home, locate a log home inspector to make sure the log home is in good condition. Making an informed decision will save you money and help make the buying process easier.

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