Building a Log Cabin Turning Dreams into Reality

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  Building a custom log home is a dream for many and seems at times to be unreachable. But with thorough research and education about building a custom log cabin, a dream can become a reality. You need to come prepared with information about which type of log cabin you want to build; designing one yourself, going with a builder, log cabin kit, type of logs to use, curing time for logs, etc. Today there are so many options to choose from which can make your head spin at times but keep in mind the end result. Having your DREAM LOG HOME!


  Starting to build a home myself, I was lost when I first started the process. But I researched, read and asked a million questions which helped maneuver my way to understanding the building process. What I determined to be the most important decision in the building process is location, location, location. You want to build your log cabin on the perfect plot of land. Will the hills protect your home from wind, where will the driveway sit, is there wetlands, is there timber on your property you can use, etc. According to Billy Rioux, log cabin enthusiast, best property for a log cabin will have the sun facing east to west of the cabin. The Blue Ridge Mountains will make the perfect backdrop for any log cabin location; amazing sun rises/sunsets, breath taking views from large windows throughout the cabin, and watching wildlife bounce through your fields while enjoying your morning coffee on a wraparound deck.


According to Log Cabin Hub a few other helpful tips on building your dream log home include the following:


  • Build for your lifestyle: Rustic, Contemporary, or Modern? Add features which fit your lifestyle.
  • Donโ€™t make your decision on price alone. Every log home manufacturer supplies a different level of completeness and quality standard. Know what youโ€™re getting through a detailed estimate/quote, before making your decision.
  • Work with a builder that is reputable, plenty of experience, listens to your needs/wants and check Better Business Bureau.
  • Understand the topic: purchase books on building log cabins, research the area you are looking to build in, speak to individuals who have built log cabins, search the internet for information.


  Most importantly, donโ€™t settle. Build what you want your log cabin to be and do not let anyone else steer you into a different direction. Your dream home can become a reality if you work hard and do your research but also enjoy the process along the way. Happy Building!

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