Purchasing a Log Home

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  Log homes have always been a favorite of mine! Who can beat the fresh scent of pine, maple, cedar or whichever wood was used to construct the home. Originally, log homes started from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe decent where settlers would construct homes by stacking logs atop one another and overlapping the logs at corners then creating insulation with moss or mud. Today, log homes have evolved into different styles of build such as Full Scribe Log Homes (similar to how settlers built), Post & Beam, Timber Frame or Hybrid (mix of build style) and a huge range of customizable options. So where do you start your decision process of purchasing a log home?
  Log homes are quite adaptable to what is needed for your family or personal home. Make a list of must haves for your future log home and what is negotiable. Do you want a historic log home that is a fixer upper or a newer log home on acreage that is move in ready? Are you favorable to Full Scribe built log homes or want a mix of builds found in Hybrid models? Are you more of a โ€œgo greenโ€ family where you will need to update the home with environmentally sustainable materials or geothermal roofing?

  Currently, log homes that are for sale generally have spacious walk around porches where you can enjoy beautiful sunrises or sunsets, large custom stone fireplaces to keep warm during cold winter months and unique interior log walls for that rustic charm feeling. Log homes have many custom options you can chose from such as contemporary, modern or rustic design, solar power roof paneling, gourmet kitchens or keep with the original build of the home. Options are endless when it comes to purchasing a gorgeous log home but no matter what you decide is needed in your future log home or style you prefer; find a reputable, trusted and knowledgeable agent who knows the area such as agents of Virginia Estates.

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