Uniqueness of Log Homes

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Log homes have risen in popularity over the past decade because of those wanting a quiet country escape, desire for individuality and wanting to live one with nature. Those interested in purchasing a log home are unique and have given this style of home much thought. An individual did not wake up one day and say, โ€œoh I want to live in a log cabinโ€. Because of where log homes tend to be built, such as the countryside or in mountains those wanting to live this lifestyle crave quiet country life or a getaway from busy city noise. Just because you want to purchase a log home does not mean you have to live an extreme rustic lifestyle with no running water, electricity or indoor bathrooms. Log homes today are very spacious and can be as big or small as you envision, unique and never built to look the same as one another.

Log homes originally were built with horizontal logs interlocked at corners by notching. Making the cabins look similar but different sizes. But today profiles of how you want your logs cut can differ which makes the look of your log home unique. The following are different styles you can choose from to have your logs cut:

  • Square & Rectangular Log: logs are cut with four square corners and uniform in width/height


  • Round Log Profile: logs cut circular without angles ย and use thru-bolts for support


  • Swedish Cope Profile: logs are cut circular with crescent removed from bottom. Allowing each log to be stacked atop one another.


  • D Log Profile: logs cut with one round side then a flat side. This profile is for wanting a log wall to have a flat surface.


Purchasing a log home is an adventure all in itself. You get look back into history with some log homes for sale being renovated historic homes or those new construction log homes. No matter what your style is or what you want the style of your home to be, agents at Virginia Estates can help make your vision a reality. Check all the log homes for sale at http://virginialoghomesforsale.com

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